Lens + Soul creates socially engaging content featuring our client's business and lifestyle. From corporate events like VidCon to bespoke projects for companies and artists, we love to create content to express the SOUL of your brand.

Today, content is the method of connecting with customers and telling your story. Creating ongoing marketing which represents your brand, and tells a cohesive story can be a challenge.

We produce photo and video content packages to engage your clients and drive traffic to your business. Our goal is to make your life easier... and make your brand shine!

So who are we?

And our support team...

Derek Chapman

Business Dev Badass

Jason Fellner

Legal Mastermind

Forrest Wittenmeier

Insurance Guru

Josh Walker

Creative Wizard

Alex Morrison

Strategic Jedi

A few of our success stories...

We look forward to hearing your story, and helping you tell it. Feel free to reach out and say HI!

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